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Friday, November 09, 2007

Porn & Violence Go Hand-in-hand

Right here, Right Now

It's just awful. From my very own local Palo Alto Daily News comes a horrifying story. In
"Fight Over Porn Spurred Attack", Kristina Peterson reports how local 20-year-old Todd Burpee attacked a 17-year-old girl, bashed her head against the pavement, and then kidnapped and sexually assaulted her.Why? According to Peterson,

Burpee's relationship with his fiancee soured after she discovered a Craigslist personal ad he had been composing on their computer seeking sexual intimacy with older women, titled "desperate housewives," according to police reports. Recently, she had also caught him surfing teenage porn sites, she told police.

A police search of Burpee's car after his arrest turned up six pornographic DVDs, 16 pages of computer printouts of naked men, women and children from a nudist Web site, and three sexually explicit magazines, including one called "Asian Fever."

Burpee had spent most of the night prior to the assault seething in his car. The following day, as the fight with his fiancee continued, he told police that when he spotted his victim, he thought she was in elementary school.

When asked by police what the victim looked like, Burpee...

"...told officers "I seen like an As ..." before stammering "I didn't know she was Asian until I attacked her back here."

Burpee is remorseful. He has confessed and believes he should be punished for his crimes. And at 20, his life is a wreck.

Because of porn?

Draw your own conclusions.

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